I have my own studio, so all the gear is set-up full time to give you the best sounding drum tracks, quickly.


I have several kits that I use for recording purposes (my Premier Spitfire is primarily used in the studio and is set-up and mic’d all day, everyday!). I’ve got a variety of different cymbals and snares which means I can pick the ones that sound best for your song.

Premier Spitfire (handmade – stunning sound and appearance)

Pearl Masters Studio

Yamaha Maple kit (for jazz)

Numerous cymbals (Zildjian A’s and K’s, Sabian and Bosphorus)

Several snares (including Pearl Free floating Maple and Yamaha ‘Steve Gadd’).

Roland TD-15kv electronic kit

Vater drumsticks (I’m a Vater endorsee and use their 5A’s, 7A’s and brushes)


As everything’s set up all the time, all my mics are already positioned to make the drums sound great, but I move things around a bit for different sounds as needed.

Mics include:

Shure Beta 52a


Octava MK012’s (matched stereo pair)

Audix D2 (x3)

(I’ll also admit to owning an AKG C1000s that I occassionally break out for a hi-hat mic, although I find you rarely need one).

Pre-amps – Focusrite

DAW – Logic Pro X (for mixing), Reaper (for recording and editing). I typically work at 44.1khz/24bits.

Monitors – A pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G2’s

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