I use my experience as a professional musician to craft drum tracks that will compliment and enhance your music. You can have as much or as little input as you like. I can copy exact midi drum parts, you can tell me what band/drummer you want the drums to sound like, or you can leave it all to me!

How using OnlineSessionDrums.com works:

  • Email me (Claire) at: onlinesessiondrums@gmail.com
  • We’ll discuss your requirements and you’ll get an exact quote
  • Send me an mp3 mix of your track (minus drums, with separate click if possible)
  • I’ll record the drum tracks in my purpose built soundproofed studio
  • I’ll email you a FREE no-obligation mp3 ‘Proof’ version/s of the drums
  • Any adjustments/edits can be made if necessary
  • I’ll send you an invoice using Paypal
  • You pay (safely and securely)
  • I’ll send you the drum tracks (stereo mix, individual processed or unprocessed tracks)

There you have it, an easy way to give your songs that professional touch.

There’s no obligation to buy and you don’t pay until you’ve heard the Proof version and are happy.

  1. Get in contact to find out more about getting drum tracks for your project.