What other musicians have been kind enough to say about my drum tracks/drumming:

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Claire Brock on my new album.

Claire is everything you could want in a drummer, studio musician, and collaborator: punctual, plenty of feedback and great follow through augment an exhaustive knowledge of drumming and percussion to make all of our dealings a delight.

Claire and I motored through 5 original, long, complex progressive rock songs. There was no tempo or time signature change she did not have a mastery over and if there was any question, she would provide multiple alternatives to a particularly tricky section.

I give Claire my highest recommendation and hope she continues to do this for decades to come!!”

Ben (As Follows Music), US
“Claire is a fantastic musician. Her recordings were spot on and she was great to work with. Always had suggestions when I needed them and could perform any ideas I had. I find the drum tracks she made much easier and natural to play over than anything I have had before.”
Phil, London

“There are many online drummers out there, and many stories from their clients about how they got the perfect drum tracks in one take in less then 24 hours. And I read through them, and (as many people do, I suppose) I thought to myself, ‘Yeah, sure, but my track is so special… What if it won’t happen so easily?’

So here’s a story for you about drum tracks that didn’t happen so easily.

I asked Claire to play on my heavily prog-influenced pop-rock track. See how special it is? I cannot even define it’s style. The track was about 10 minutes long, not a proper epic, but a number of changes in dynamics and style, unorthodox compound meters, and most importantly few distinct sections ranging from bass solo to heavy rock to frippertronics, each requiring a very particular approach. The demo was rough, and I even asked Claire for a totally different style, for a start I asked for brushed drums that weren’t even sketched in the demo. There was a lot of work. It probably still could be done off the cuff, but that was not the case. Luckily, I got the most compassionate, the most involved and the most patient online session drummer I ever heard of. Claire took it slow, and we spent almost 2 weeks discussing the track and bouncing ideas, she made a few short demos which allowed us to settle on style and manner of the drumming. I really felt that I’m working with a drummer on this track, as opposed to just hiring someone who doesn’t really care about the outcome. And then all this time paid off when Claire did a perfect track in one take. A perfect, tasteful, relaxed when needed, aggressive where appropriate, mixed technique, top-notch sounding take.

Will I hire her again? No. Will I ask her to work with me again? Sure.
And that’s all the difference in the world.”

Volodymyr Zavgorodny, composer/songwriter, Ukraine

“Imagine this: a drummer that not only arrives, but arrives on time; a drummer that doesn’t play too loud, and actually listens to what you want; a drummer that will play a few takes without acting like a 2 year old. They don’t exist, I hear you say, but you’re wrong… Claire is a drummer that will give you what you want, she’ll do it quickly, painlessly, and she won’t even charge you that much for the pleasure! Technically excellent, sympathetic and passionate drumming from a PROFESSIONAL :-)”. 

Gary, France (I blushed when I got this one!)

“Claire is really easy to work with and provided us with an excellent drum track. She’s that good at drumming that whatever your ideas or vague ideas (in my case) are she will realise them on your track. Will definitely be using onlinesessiondrums.com for more tracks in the future.

Dave, UK

“I worked closely with Claire on my album ‘the beautiful trustful future’ (released by Fire Records) Throughout the recording of the album she was not only consistently brilliant technically, but was also sympathetic and thoughtful towards the material. Claire is an intuitively creative drummer/percussionist and a joy to work with. I hope we get to work together again, she’s a gem.”
David Hurn

“Claire is one of the most talented, professional musicians I have had the pleasure of working with.” 

Kelli Ali (Ex-’Sneaker Pimp’)

“Thanks once again for your work. I will certainly use your service again, really good value for money.”
Ed, UK

“That sounds great…. Thanks for the wonderful job, I see the song coming together much better now.”

Randy, Canada


If that hasn’t made your mind up that you’ll get high quality drum tracks, have a listen for yourself.