is run by me, Claire Brock.

I’m an experienced professional drummer and have toured and recorded with several signed artists including: Robyn (Island Records), Ex-‘Sneaker Pimp’ Kelli Ali (One Little Indian) and American Blues guitarist Carvin Jones.

I’ve created numerous drum tracks for musicians, bands and labels worldwide. I’ve recorded for projects ranging from demos, EP’s and albums to film and animation soundtracks.

I have a music degree (which included spending some time working with Protools) and went to Drumtech where I received the Top Student award in 2002/3. I’m also proud and excited to have recently become a Vater endorsee and an Ambassador for Roland UK (meaning I can also now provide you with drum tracks recorded on electric drums or as midi).

As well as playing kit I do some work as a Percussionist (both Latin and Orchestral) and write the blog Diary of an Online Session Drummer, guess what that’s about 😉

Check out my personal drumming website for more info about my other drumming activities including gigging, teaching and my book “How to Teach Drums” (available in Paperback and for Kindle).

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