was created by me (Claire) to provide you with the most convenient, cost-effective way of getting great sounding drum tracks to elevate your songs.

I’m a professional online session drummer comfortable playing in most styles, but specialize in recording Rock and Singer/Songwriter drum tracks (I’ve also recorded quite a lot of Blues, Country and Prog drum tracks recently).

The number of people using online session drummers has grown hugely recently, as has the number of drummers offering this service, but how do you know which drummer to choose? With me recording your drum tracks you’ll be getting a professional drummer with years of live and studio experience.


Why choose me as your Online Session Drummer?

  • Musical/creative drummer with a strong groove
  • Fast turnaround times (my kit’s set up and mic’d 24/7)
  • Experienced Professional drummer
  • Free no-obligation demo
  • *New* Electronic drums (midi and/or stereo wav)
  • Percussion tracks available
  • Vater Endorsee and Roland Ambassador

Read feedback from other happy musicians and get in touch (I’d be happy to answer and questions you might have and discuss your project).

So many musicians I record for have said what a huge difference it makes having real drum tracks on their songs as opposed to lifeless programmed drums (especially with their seriously dodgy fills!), and how easy the process was. Online session drum tracks save you the time and expense of having to find a professional drummer (with feel and musicality, who learns your songs and plays in time) and book a studio with a good live room for drums. It makes top quality drum tracks accessible and affordable.